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Turn Ons: There?s only one world where you belong?MINE, and in MY world, you will have neither. You will gratefully accept your lashings whether they come from my toys or my tongue. Kneel before me and see yourself what you really are?NOTHING AT ALL!

Turn Offs: Poor personal hygiene, pink shirts, an untidy beard, bad table manners, men who are obsessed with their car and the gym, sleazy men, a bad temper, a bully, taking his bad day out on me, being unfaithful, a liar, men who brag about their conquests to

Personal Message: Well first to all I want to introduce myself guys, my name is Adrey I'm a hot german girl, who enjoys a lot of things in life, I love the Italian food and enjoy a good wine with a good company. When it comes to men I love a man who knows how to treat me well, a compressive and good lover one. I also like to chill out, travel around, party and ofcourse i love ice creams... not only the cold ones ;) i love every kind of sex.

AdreyBB room

Age: 33

Height: 168

Weight: 54